Blake Lively Launches Preserve: Goop Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen Degeneres – Time

No One Knows If youre willing to pay the price, you can not only afford a luxury apartment with cleaner air, but a yoga teacher who makes house calls , a fitness concierge who makes sure you get to workouts on time, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep. Is the good life still getting you down? If you can foot a $1818 bill, you can escape to Sri Lanka for a two-week wellness vacation . Gone are the days of flaunting lavish apartments and cars for the MTV Cribs camera crews, instead, we see Instagram posts of up to $235 rejuvenating skin care products and celebrity trainers. Exit opulent mansions, enter evidence of impeccable physical health. Wellness is the new wealth. And we all want some of that glow.

Health plan changes in the works for Bayou Health | Daily World |

In one model, the state pays companies a monthly premium per Medicaid enrollee and the companies pay health care providers for services rendered. In the other model, the state pays companies a smaller management fee to coordinate patient care, but still reimburses health providers directly for services. DHH intends to only use premium-based health plans in the next contracts, even though the other model has more than half of Bayou official source Healths enrollees. Sen. Sherri Smith Buffington, R-Keithville, said doctors prefer the model that is being discarded, in which they get paid directly from the state for their services and dont have to negotiate fees with managed care organizations. But Kliebert said that model proved to be more expensive, on average $13 more for each Medicaid patient per month. Louisianas more than $8 billion Medicaid program, which is paid with state and federal tax dollars, accounts for nearly one-third of the states budget.


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